photo of Sidewalk May-July 2020

Visual Quilt

Sidewalk May-July 2020 (2020)

photo of 28St bet 9th and 10th Ave

New Landscape

Near the Met (2018)

photo of Underground Gallery Peeling1

Underground Gallery

Underground Gallery Peeling1 (2019)

photo of Fallout Shelter Signs


Yumenoshima Tokyo 2019/9/15 (2021)

photo of Ishigami

Insta Sketch

Ishigami (2018)

photo of Urban Nature 4

Urban Nature

Urban Nature 4 (2011)

photo of Sharing Same Time at Ise Cultural Foundation (2011)

Sharing Same Time

Photo Project between New York City & Japan
Since 2006

photo of Heritage Motherside


Heritage Motherside (2021)

photo of Spring 2008 B


Spring 2008 B (2008)

photo of Still Life VI

Photo Silkscreen

Still Life VI (1982)