When I came to New York City years ago, it was my love of American contemporary art works.

I was charmed by its streets, each corner or crevice like a still life worth capturing. It was very shabby but I also felt history. I used to spend a laborious amount of time silk screening images of my photography I had taken in New York. While I was occupied by child care and working as a textile designer, my passion goes to life model drawing . Leaving daily tusk behind me I enjoyed very much what one pencil can do on paper.

Nowadays I can easily recreate the same photographic image with a digital camera and printer.

I love the realism of photography, but I still love the handmade interpretations of drawing. The technology behind photography has changed much over the years, but drawing has been a constant, for myself and perhaps humanity, too. To me taking photographs is quick visual sketches of what I see and what I experience physically in my daily life. On the other hand, slow rather simple drawing with pencil, a piece of paper and my hand is an act of searching for the inner world of myself. By combining these two elements in an abstract manner, I try to create my visual, emotional landscape that I capture in this city I live.

Also I am participating in Masayo Nabeshima’s project “Sharing Same Time . I take photos in New York and others take photos in Fujisawa in Japan. Nabeshima put together the pictures on his blog . The activity of putting 2 photos together with their only common feature “being at same time” occasionally show some surprising and unexpected results.This has been continuing almost 16years now.

Akemi Takeda


私はこの街のただの通りや隅々までの空間が、風景画として記録したくなるほどに魅了されました。とてもぼろぼろでしたが、歴史も感じました。私はニューヨークで撮った写真のシルクスクリーン画像にかなりの時間を費やしました。その後 私は育児とテキスタイルデザイナーとして働いていましたが、私の情熱はライフモデルのドローイングに向けられました。毎日の雑事を忘れて、1本の鉛筆で紙にできることをとても楽しみました。



また、2006年から鍋島正世のプロジェクト「Sharing Same Time 」(ほぼ 同時)にも参加しています。私はニューヨークで写真を撮り、鍋島氏は日本の藤沢で写真を撮ります。鍋島さんがご自分のブログに二人の写真をまとめています。 2枚の写真を「同時に存在する」という唯一の共通の特徴と組み合わせるという活動は、時折、驚くべき予期しない結果を示すことがあります。これは、ほぼ16年間続いています。


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